Helen Roach

Helen Roach is a qualified nutritionist with a degree in human nutrition from Greenwich University. With experience in the NHS and Regent’s Park Nutricentre, Helen is interested in natural remedies and in working on a symptom-by-symptom basis to help women undergoing menopause with issues such as mental health and immune support. Helen is also a trained oncology massage therapist and uses a warm and welcoming approach to compliment her face-to-face treatment.

At Health & Her, Helen, as our expert nutritionist, works to ensure that we provide women with a holistic approach to managing menopause by focusing on diet and nutrition. Helen creates easy-to-follow nutritional plans that work to help ease menopause symptoms and can help to educate on hormone-disrupting products and foods that may be making menopause worse. Helen also advises on our supplement ranges to cultivate products that best help aid perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, alongside educating women on sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional needs that can help to make them feel stronger, better, and brighter.

Helen is available for 10 minute product consultations with customers, where she can discuss symptoms and medical history to ascertain which supplements would be best suited. Helen can also share a fact sheet on lifestyle and dietary interventions that help regulate blood sugar and balance hormones. These sessions are an opportunity for perimenopausal and menopausal women to ask specific questions about products and receive tailored recommendations to best suit their needs. With an understanding of the importance of lending a compassionate and empathetic ear to women undergoing menopause who often feel like they’re isolated or alone, Helen treats each session as a chance for the women she speaks to to share their story.

Helen is passionate about reminding women that they are not alone, and provides empathy, support, and concrete advice designed to help women manage their menopause to feel better inside and out.