Professor Myra Hunter


Myra S Hunter, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Health Psychology at King’s College London, is an expert in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and how it can be used to help women during the menopause. She was Expert Psychology Advisor to the Core Development Group for NICE Guidance on Menopause 2013-2015 and has published extensively on women’s health and menopause, including eight books, for example, Managing hot flushes and night sweats: a cognitive behavioural approach to menopause, Hunter and Smith, Routledge 2014 – a self-help CBT course that has been found to be effective in clinical trials.

Myra shares three insights for women approaching menopause:

  • Don’t necessarily expect the worst! Many social media and other sights present menopause as a terrible time… but in fact women’s experience varies a lot.
  • Look for balanced information from reliable sources and find out what you can do if you do have troublesome symptoms and remember that there are effective treatments available.
  • Midlife can bring many challenges so pause to consider what you are dealing with and how you might reduce stress and ongoing problems if you can before reaching the menopause.

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CBT for menopause

Published Articles

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