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With the help of the UK’s leading menopause experts and women who’ve been there, Health & Her is here to help you find answers to all your menopause questions. Our aim? To help you better understand what’s happening and take control of your own experience. As well as advice, you’ll find inspiring stories and light-hearted commentary from real women like you.

Our editorial philosophy in a nutshell

Health & Her is a digital resource for women. Right now, we’re focused on menopause – what’s happening physically, psychologically and socially – but in time, we’ll support women from their first period to way past their last. We’re here to bring together expert advice, the latest thinking, plus real, relatable stories from women like you. Broadly speaking, there are three different kinds of article ready to read:

  • The big questions – the most frequently asked questions on google, answered by our leading menopause experts.
  • Symptom specific advice – written by our holistic panel of experts, tailored in a couple of clicks to your symptoms and your lifestyle.
  • Hot topics – news, views and real women’s experiences ready to browse.

Co-founder Kate Bache explains: “Many women know very little about the menopause, until they start experiencing the symptoms and we want to change that. That’s why we have tried to answer all of the big key questions around menopause that will give you a good grounding on the big broad questions in order to help you make informed decisions about your next steps.”

The big questions

We’ve researched the highest ranking questions women ask online, then recruited some of the top menopause specialists in the country to answer them. That’s things like:

  • What actually is menopause?
  • What’s the average age to start menopause?
  • What are the main symptoms of menopause?
  • How does Hormone Replacement Therapy work – and is it safe?

And that’s just the start – there are also expert perspectives on menopause from gynaecologists to leading psychologists and yoga teachers to career coaches and celeb make-up artists. Browse expert advice here

Symptom specific advice

There are more than 30 recognised symptoms of the menopause, and on average, women will experience nine of these. That equates to 18 million different possible combinations of symptoms – which means every menopause experience will be different, complex and unique to you. When you consider all the different types of impact that each symptom can have on your life and your circumstances – your health, your relationships, your work – it becomes even more complex. That’s why we offer advice for each individual symptom so that you can work through what is relevant to you and your circumstances. What’s more, we’re looking to provide expertise in three areas – physical (biological), mental (psychological) and social – so you get a more comprehensive picture. This is called the ‘biopsychosocial model’, and is an approach adopted from the world of medicine, where it is seen as best practice for managing a range of complex symptoms. It’s a helpful way to discover perspectives you might not have considered before. For example, here’s what’s you can learn about hot flushes… Our GP is here to help you understand what’s happening physically, explaining your treatment and lifestyle management. Psychologically speaking, you might try to explore Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you manage how you react to the flushes and learn coping strategies, while socially you might find expert tips on style and makeup that make a big difference. Try the Symptom Tool

Hot topics

Menopause isn’t all bad news – in some countries, women celebrate menopause as a move into freedom, wisdom and higher status in society. We’ve heard from women who have found new skills as hormone changes have changed the way they think. Others have welcomed the less intense maternal instincts: feeling liberated, with more energy to concentrate on themselves. Of course, some women have difficult experiences, but feel they learned a great deal about themselves in the process, while others believe that laughter and shared experience is the best medicine. Our hot topics will include:

Inspiring columnists and menopause stories

There are so many women out there doing inspiring things, and we want to tell their stories. For us, it’s about providing a platform for their voices, and help to inspire women to get the most out of this time in their lives. It’s about sharing perspectives, redefining stereotypes and giving you the chance to take a walk in other women’s shoes. The good, the not-so-good, the downright hilarious, it’s all there!

All the latest news

Menopause is no longer the taboo it used to be, and we’ve got our finger on the pulse of all the latest stories in menopause news. From campaigns to boost awareness and workplace rights through to new medical breakthroughs and scientific studies, we’re keeping our eye on the headlines so you don’t have to. Read our Hot Topics

Frequently asked questions on our editorial philosophy

Do you publish real women’s experiences? Yes. If you’ve got a menopause story, we’d love to share it. Please get in touch using our contact form. We want to be an inclusive, representative platform where everyone can feel welcome and find perspectives that resonate with them. Are your experts independent? Yes. Our expert panel are all free to express their own views. However, it is worth noting that the advice is provided to educate and inform. It is not intended as a substitute for face-to-face professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do your experts all agree? No. As independent subject experts, they are free to share their views and perspectives. This means they sometimes disagree! We believe in sharing all these different ways to thinking so you can educate yourself and come to your own conclusions. Can I write for Health & Her? We are always interested in hearing from professional writers and experts keen to join our panel. Please use the contact us form here to get in touch, providing an outline of how you imagine us working together.

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