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The very best, handpicked to help you feel better

Here at Health & Her, our product mission is simple. We want to track down the very best menopause finds, and share brilliant ideas that change women’s lives for the better. It’s about helping you shop the latest, best and most innovative menopause products, all in one place.

Our product mission explained

There’s no magic pill that will disappear every woman’s symptoms, but by sorting the best from the rest, we hope to save you time and money finding things that could work for you.

A more holistic approach

By combining a handpicked, product selection with high-quality information and education from our experts and columnists, we hope to really turn your day around. That’s today, tomorrow and every day until your menopause experience is more manageable and you’re feeling empowered and in control. After all, why should menopause mean putting your life on pause?

There’s so much choice – where do I start?

We get it. You’re not feeling your best, and there are so many options that you feel like you need a degree to know where to start. You don’t want to waste money on things that don’t work – and you might be worried about whether you can safely take supplements or herbal remedies. That’s where our expert team can help.

Our products are carefully selected by co-founder and top buyer Gervase Fay, an expert in supplements, beauty and women’s health. What’s more, the range has been recommended and reviewed by relevant members of our expert panel, too. This means that instead of a whole internet or highstreet of options, you get a carefully curated, quality-assured selection that’s worth the money and really works.

Help us improve

If it doesn’t work for you, leave us a product review. If the product is consistently receiving poor reviews, we will remove it! And if you’ve come across something brilliant and we’re not stocking it already, just let us know and we will look into it.

So how do we choose the best menopause solutions?

There are three questions we ask ourselves before shortlisting every product:

  • Does it work?
  • Would we use it ourselves?
  • Which version of this product gives best results for money spent?

Once the product has made the shortlist, we also look into other important factors to make the final decision on which products appear in the Health & Her shop. These include:

  • Independent reviews – what are women saying about it?
  • Is it natural, and – where possible – organic?
  • Does it exceed all relevant certifications and safety standards?
  • Is it responsibly manufactured and shipped?

The bigger picture – lifestyle and looking after you

As part of our product philosophy, we’ve debated what’s the best product for women to see an all-round improvement in any symptom, and we always come back to something that isn’t a product at all: looking at lifestyle as the key foundation to see a positive impact.

Putting in place a healthy lifestyle, cutting back on sugar and alcohol, making time for self-care, and getting enough exercise is a challenge – but it can be incredibly powerful when you do. That’s why, as well as products to help with menopause symptoms, Health & Her is packed with expert advice and a hot topics news section too. You’ll find advice and ideas to support you with the physical, mental and social side of your menopause experience.

Our Menopause Symptom Tool & Tracker provides personalised recommendations to the products and articles that could be best for you – a handy shortcut! – and you’ll also find lifestyle suggestions on every product page. From the best time of day to take supplements, through to how to most effectively way to layer skincare, it’s all there!

Try our Symptom Tool and Tracker for personalised product suggestions and expert advice.

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Frequently asked questions on our product philosophy

Do your supplements have certifications?

Yes. We stock the following licensed herbal medicines; Black cohosh, Valerian, Passion flower,Feverfew and St John’s Wort . These products have been produced under strict guidelines within Europe and are regulated by the MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). Look out for the green logo at the bottom of our website which certifies that we are operating legally within the guidelines.

How do you know so much about menopause?

Learning from experts, our customers and spending a lot of time finding out what works for women all around the world.

Why does natural matter to me?

Our bodies absorb everything, whether it’s through our skin or the things we eat. At a time when we are trying to help our bodies find balance we believe it is important to reduce the number of synthetic chemicals we are exposed to.

Why do you sell beauty and lifestyle products?

We know women still want to be at their best even when dealing with the challenge of menopause – it’s not just about treating physical symptoms. We want to share with you things that make you feel brighter, look fantastic and feel ready to take on the world too.

Why is ethical sourcing and supply so important?

We want to help all our customers take control of their menopause, but we don’t believe it should be at the expense of other people or our planet. All our suppliers have signed up to our pledge to ensure an ethical supply chain and protect workers at every step of the way.

Do you do promotions?

Yes, but only if they apply across a whole shop (save 10%, for example). This is so you can choose the right product for you, rather than the cheapest. We’d rather pass on savings in a way that works best for overall health, not just your wallet!

What our friends say...

Bethan, Cardiff

"Health and Her gives you the information and support you need to be in control of your menopause and to feel as good as you always have"

Anne, London

"I find it really useful to know what other women are going through"

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