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How to do pelvic floor exercises – Jane Dowling explains all…

At menopause it’s more important than ever before to exercise your pelvic floor so it’s strong and healthy. Jane Dowling, Clinical Exercise Practitioner – and menopause advocate at Meno & Me – explains all and provides lots of top tips to help you feel really confident that you’re getting these vital exercises right.

Jane’s top tips for getting the most out of your pelvic floor exercises

  1. To chart progression with your exercises, note down today’s date and the number of reps where you lost control and strength.
  2. As you become stronger you can do more without before losing the strength.
  3. If you find that at squeeze three, four or five that you cannot feel the muscles and you are engaging your bottom and tummy a lot, use this as your baseline marker to work on. Don’t worry – you will progress if you do these regularly!
  4. If you are going to the toilet and you find that you cannot empty your bladder completely – just relax and rock your hips

About Jane Dowling

Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise practitioner, health professional and menopause advocate. She combines her experience of menopause and experience as a coach to help women navigate through menopause and to come out the other side using her award-winning blog, Meno&Me.

Her qualifications include: PT award YMCA; BACR Phase iv Cardiac; Postural Stability – falls prevention for the elderly; Dr Dawn Skelton Later Life Training; GP referral scheme for Later Life Training.

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