12 Gift ideas for menopause this Christmas

Menopause can be a challenging time for women experiencing the extraordinary changes that come as a result of declining hormone levels. But while the array of symptoms can be tricky to navigate, there are plenty of product options designed to make the whole experience more manageable.

Whether you’re looking for practical gifts for your partner, friends, or family members – we’ve got you covered with our gift guide to some of the most popular and effective products for menopause that are sure to be well received.

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Health & Her Sleep Bundle

1. Health & Her Sleep Bundle 

£31.99 £26.99


This all-in-one collection of our sleep best sellers looks to support those experiencing the most common symptom of menopause – sleeping problems. Supporting a soothing transition to a restful sleep, the bundle contains our Natural Sleep Aid Supplement, Aromatherapy Sleep Balm and our 5 star rated Self-Heating Sleep Masks – all suitable for women experiencing hormone fluctuations.

True Skincare

2. True Skincare

From £11.99


If you’re looking for 100% organic, natural and vegan skincare, then look no further than this collection from True Skincare. Contrary to popular belief, adding oil back into our skin can help restore balance, fight breakouts and draw out impurities, all while hydrating and soothing complexion. An ideal gift for those experiencing hormonal skin changes.

IPL Hair Removal Device

3. SmoothSkin IPL Hair Removal Device

From £199.99


Meet the fastest hair removal product on the market. With a full body treatment achievable in just 10 minutes, this IPL device is perfect for women with busy schedules who are looking to tackle hormonal hair growth in unwanted places.

Manta Hairbrush

4. Manta Hairbrush

£25.00 £22.49


It’s common to experience hair loss during times of hormonal drop-off, such as menopause, postpartum, or even during their natural cycle. This revolutionary new hairbrush from Manta Hair aims to minimise breakage and maximise shine with its patented Flexguard technology that allows each bristle 360 motion to gently free knots. 

Health & Her Mattress Topper

5. Health & Her Hot & Cold Mattress Topper (Single)



This revolutionary mattress topper has been described as “the most effective and innovative way to reduce hot flushes and night sweats” and is an ideal gift to assist with temperature regulation at night. With a range of 18-38 degrees, its unique water thermo-system allows you to sleep at the right temperature in any season, and it comes in a handy single size to control the temperature on one side of the bed only.

Coconut oil infused hair turban

6. Coconut oil infused Hair Turban



Treat someone special to this super soft, coconut oil infused hair turban, designed to strengthen hair, improve moisture levels and minimise breakage. Plus, the gentle microfibre used in this towel dries hair faster than regular cotton towels – drastically reducing blow dry time.

No Pause Esteem

7. Esteem No Pause Nightwear

From £35.00


With the ultimate blend of microfibre and lycra, this clothing range from Esteem No Pause offers comfortable, stylish and practical solutions for women who are experiencing menopause night sweats. While helping to regulate temperature and absorb sweat, the open structure of the fabric works to ensure air can circulate freely, resulting in a cooler and drier night’s sleep.

Health & Her Self-Heating Eye Masks

8. Health & Her Self-Heating Eye Masks 

£19.98 £17.99


Escape earthy distractions with these gently heating eye masks, designed to sooth a tired mind with a mix of healing warmth and a therapeutic lavender scent. The perfect stocking-filler for those struggling with sleepless nights or in need of some R & R.

Advanced Nutrition Gift Sets

9. Advanced Nutrition Gift Sets

From £80.00


This beautifully presented gift range from Advanced Nutrition contains professionally developed supplements that have been designed to support healthy skin from the inside, out. Choose from Flawless Glow featuring the patented power of Skin Accumax and Skin Omegas+ for those seeking a flawless, confidence-boosting glow, or pick Youthful Glow – containing Skin Collagen Support and Skin Omegas+ to assist anyone looking to elevate their anti-ageing routine.

Holistic Scented Candles

10. Holistic Scented Candles

From £14.99


From the soothing scents of Lavender and Patchouli, to the fresher fragrances of Bergamot and Wild Flowers – this collection of handmade candles from Holistic are a great choice for the candle lover in your life. Using only the best natural ingredients, these scented candles are vegan, cruelty free, and made with bio-degradable soy wax and cotton wicks for a natural, even burn.

Fleece Heatpack

11. Microwaveable fleece heatpack



Menopause joint pain can be debilitating, and can reduce both movement and flexibility. When this happens, applying heat to the affected area can help increase blood flow, relax muscles and relieve stiffness. This soft, microwavable heat pack is the ideal gift to assist in the relief of menopause joint pain. It features a handy elasticated strap to help add compression and keep the heatpack in place, and is suitable for back, head, tummy, neck and shoulder use.

12. Health & Her Gift Voucher

£25, £50, £100


Want to help but not sure where to start? Treat a loved one to a Health & Her gift voucher with the flexibility to choose from the latest, best and most innovative menopause products all in one place.

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