12 Useful gift ideas for menopause this Christmas

12 Useful gift ideas for menopause this Christmas

Menopause can be a challenging time for women experiencing the extraordinary changes that come as a result of declining hormone levels. But while the array of physical and psychological symptoms can be tricky to navigate, there are plenty of product options designed to make the whole experience more manageable.

Whether you’re looking for practical gifts for your partner, friends or family members, we’ve got you covered with our guide to some of the most popular and effective products that are sure to be well received.

Spacemasks - for luxury relaxation


Escape earthy distractions with these gently heating eye masks, designed to sooth a tired mind with a mix of healing warmth and therapeutic jasmine scents. The perfect stocking-filler for women struggling with sleepless nights.

A simple and stylish spinning ring to aid with anxiety

From £9.99

Inspired by ancient Tibetan meditation and mantra techniques, this sterling silver spinning ring is a great gift to help relieve anxiety and calm the mind.

For men: a no-nonsense guide to what's going on


A short, easy, dip-in-and-out-of read with humorous illustrations and practical tips for what to do - and what not to say. Essential reading for partners who are looking to understand both the physical and psychological symptoms of the female menopause.

Health & Her Chilly's 500ml bottle, perfect for hot flushes


Our Health & Her Chilly’s bottle is simple, stylish and highly effective for women experiencing hot flushes or night sweats. Keeping liquids cool for 24 hours, Chilly’s bottles are constructed with double wall vacuum technology, ensuring that the outside of the bottle will always remain at room temperature – perfect for making sure handbags stay dry.

The Good Menopause, by Liz Earle


Covering nutrition, bone health, beauty, sex and emotions, this positive and empowering guide is packed full of practical tips and home remedies to help ease the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Beauty services on demand, with Blow LTD.

Packages from £25

Fluctuating hormones during menopause can often bring on stress, low mood and anxiety. Blow LTD specialise in offering a range of expert mobile feel-good services, including blow dries, massages, makeup, nails and more, in selected locations across the UK. The perfect treat for friends or family to enjoy at home, whenever they want. Use code BEAU15 to receive an attractive £15 off your order.

Menopause: All you need to know in one concise manual, by Louise Newson


This easy-to-digest expert guide answers all the questions that women are asking themselves – what is it, when does it happen, and what can be expected. From stages and symptoms to safe and effective treatments, this quick-reference manual is a firm favourite amongst women going through menopause.

Weleda - for ultimate wellness & self-care

From £9.99

With stress-dispelling scents and essential oils, this is the perfect blend of pampering gifts to indulge in some quality ‘me time’. Choose from relaxing Bath Milk designed to balance the nervous system, skin-soothing Body Oil, or the celebrity-favourite Skin Food for all-over hydration. All products are natural, organic, and vegan.

The award-winning Elvie Pelvic Trainer to help improve vaginal wellbeing

Was £169.99, Now £159.99

As recommended by over 1000 health professionals, this smart device from Elvie uses biofeedback technology to help motivate and encourage pelvic floor muscle training. By connecting to a dedicated app, users can visualise their pelvic floor movements in real-time, improve technique, and track workouts over time.

The Anxiety Solution, by Chloe Brotheridge


This simple and inspiring guide is widely regarded as a ‘must-read’ for women who may be experiencing menopause-related anxiety at home, in work, in social situations or on their own.

Giggle Knickers for those little leaks


Declining oestrogen levels during menopause can cause a variety of urinary changes. These super-soft, eco-friendly and washable cotton briefs have been specially designed to give women confidence - a must-have for anyone experiencing ‘giggle’ leaks.

Veneffect skin care

From £46.99

Veneffect’s range of intensive moisturisers, exfoliants, cleansing balms and serums, have been specifically developed for women who are experiencing skin changes as result of hormonal fluctuations. With phytoestrogen (plant-based oestrogen) technology, Veneffect’s skin care line looks to safely and effectively preserve and restore the youthful glow of healthy, vibrant skin.

A signed copy of The Menopause Monologues, by Harriet Powell


A fascinating collection of real-life stories from the women who've been there - perfect for lifting spirits and comforting anyone who feels like they're in it alone. A great coffee-table read that's sure to spark conversation.

Yoga, Meditation and Detox Retreats in Ibiza with The House of Om

Packages from £900

Based in the peaceful hills of San Carlos, Ibiza, The House of Om is a yoga retreat and nutritional centre offering a range of programs designed to stimulate your mind, enhance metabolism and improve overall wellbeing. Offering a true break from the day to day demands, this is the perfect gift for anyone in need of a restful and rejuvenating week.

Health & Her Gift Voucher

£25, £50, £100

Want to help but not sure where to start? Treat a loved one to a Health & Her gift voucher, with the flexibility to choose from the latest, best and most innovative menopause products all in one place.

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