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Perimenopause Diaries

Perimenopause: My Journey, Vol. 4

“I felt I needed help…something I hate admitting” – Kate, age 44

For quite some time I’ve not felt like me – I fly off the handle at the tiniest of things, and the night sweats were out of control. Around February time I started to experience terrible heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I am awful at going to the doctors and tried to ignore it, however after a couple of panic attacks in March, as well as episodes of feeling very sad, low and uncontrollably angry, I felt I needed help, something I hate admitting.

Annoyingly, as we’d hit lockdown it meant I was unable to go to the doctor . I spent 3 months calling them every two weeks in tears and eventually after a rather desperate call I was sent for blood tests and a chest X-ray! Everything came back clear and having done much talking with experts I believe that what I am experiencing is perimenopause. Since I’ve acknowledged this, amongst other symptoms, the heart palpitations, breathlessness and panic attacks have decreased.

I still have moments of seeing red that can come from nowhere, which can have a huge impact on my family. But I am now under a consultant and hoping that I can get back to being ‘me’ soon.”

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