Brilliantly Vivid Colour By Number:Flowers And Mandalas

Brilliantly Vivid Colour By Number:Flowers And Mandalas

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About the product:

Relieve stress and get creative with this ready-to-colour series of circular and floral art pieces.


Adult colouring books have been popular for a while. However, this book challenges you to take time and find your inner calm to focus on the detail of each of these beautiful designs. Drawn by the Italian artist F. Sehnaz Bac each design is whimsical and challenging. There is a variety of floral and circular pieces, all numbered for vibrant colouring in pencils, felt tips, crayons or paints along with guided instructions (with a colour key) for you to create your own calm space whilst designing a master piece. Includes four bonus full-colour prints.

Relax, unwind, and be creative.

How best to use:

Get set up with a few pencils or pens and find a quiet five minutes in your day, simply colour in each numbered space with the corresponding colour in the colour key, if not go create your own colour design and fill the spaces with your own palette. Taking time to do this will give you time to relax and focus on yourself, your breathing and your mental health. The designs can be pulled out, framed or stuck on the fridge for everyone to admire.

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