Menopause- A Change For The Better By Deborah Garlick

Menopause- A Change For The Better By Deborah Garlick


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Covering the facts, the myths, and what to expect, this book addresses the different approaches to treating the menopause including natural and medical options.


Packed with interesting and informative articles from experts in the field, this book aims to work through the NICE guidelines (used by health professionals to manage menopause) and provide practical advice and busting the myths around the most common symptoms.

Contributors include Dr Louise Newson, Dr Marilyn Glenville, Dr Heather Currie, Dr Karen Morton, Dr Marion Gluck, Kathryn Peden, Katherine Bellchambers, Pamela Windle and other specialists in this field.

About the Author

Deborah Garlick is an authority in the menopause space, and the founder of the successful women’s website Henpicked. Deborah is keen to break down the taboo’s on this subject and help drive the awareness of menopause – especially in the workplace. She is often in the media talking about how businesses can support their employees through their menopause.


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