Menopause : A Self-Help Guide To Feeling Better

Menopause : A Self-Help Guide To Feeling Better

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£8.99 £5.49

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Do you think you might be going through the menopause? Are you confused by conflicting advice about HRT? Or are you unsure which natural alternatives are effective? In this easy-to-follow book, Wendy Green explains common physical and psychological symptoms and offers a holistic approach to help you deal with them


Straight forward good simple book to understand more about your menopause. Practical tips and ideas split by symptom. An easy to read book with references to celebrities, recipes and tips for exercise and stretches.

A comprehensive reference and glossary guide.

About the Author

Wendy Green is a world renowned self-help author and is passionate about health.She believes that everyone can improve their wellbeing by taking more responsibility for their own health through sensible eating, regular exercise, managing stress and practising good sleep habits.



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