Menopause – The Answers By Dr. Rosemary Leonard

Menopause – The Answers By Dr. Rosemary Leonard

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£12.59 £9.71

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This book examines the best approaches to the menopause and whether medication, holistic remedies, or other forms of treatment will work best for the individual.


Consider the book a manual and support guide,which covers all the symptoms of Menopause. The book looks at the pros and cons of HRT, along with many other drugs and treatments commonly used. Dr Rosemary shares case studies from her GP surgery in London as well answering some of the most common questions she comes across.

The book is perfect to refer to through your menopause, dipping in and out of easy to read chapters on relevant symptoms and self help tips.

About the Author

Dr Rosemary Leonard has been a GP and Journalist, specialising in female health, she is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines sharing her wealth of experience.


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