Oestrogen Matters By Dr A. Bluming And Prof. C Tavris

Oestrogen Matters By Dr A. Bluming And Prof. C Tavris

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About the Authors

Dr Bluming , a medical oncologist, and Professor Carol Tavris, a social
psychologist worked together to look back at the origins of HRT, reviewing the
science behind the drug from a medical and psychological point of view. Dr.
Carol Tavris’s work as a writer, teacher, and lecturer has been devoted to
educating the public about psychological science and Dr Bluming is based
in California with over 50 years of treating patients at his surgery.

About the Book

This book challenges the myths around HRT, looking at
medical case studies as well as the science behind the drug. If you are
thinking about taking HRT but unsure,.this book has been claimed to be ‘ thorough, careful and unbiased assessment of
all the scientific evidence of HRT. A sobering and
revelatory read, the two authors work to set the record straight on some of the
myths behind one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in female health.

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