The Good Menopause Guide By Liz Earle

The Good Menopause Guide By Liz Earle


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About the product:

A positive and empowering guide on how to keep healthy and looking your best during the menopause.


Beautifully designed, this books covers Bone Health, Beauty, Sex and Emotions. There are ideas for eating for wellbeing with a host of recipes, including breakfast ideas and alternative snacks and treats.

Liz shares practical tips for home remedies to help ease symptoms and bring calm to your home.

This book will inspire you to try a new approach and connect with nature.

About the Author

Liz Earle is a household name and a leading entrepreneur as well writing countless best sellers exploring different elements of wellness and health. Liz has five children and shares her life on her weekly podcast, magazine and on social media. She is an advocate for the good life spending time on her farm and in Africa discovering old and new wellness rituals.


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