The Menopause Book 2Nd Editon By Kantrowitz & Wingert

The Menopause Book 2Nd Editon By Kantrowitz & Wingert


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The Menopause Book incorporates the latest medical findings, cutting-edge research, and best-practices related to the menopause. It has won several awards and is cited often in the media


Revised since its first version with the latest medical thinking and ideas the book incorporates the most cutting edge research on hormones and hormone therapy; hot flushes; heart disease and strokes and cancer. The book addresses some of the common problems such as why women find it hard to lose weight; osteoporosis and oestrogen; and the relationship between headaches and hormones. Marketed as an all in one bible for women approaching or experiencing menopause, now in a new, revised edition. The book is written in a light editorial style making it an interesting and engaging read.

About the Authors

A power team of women with journalist backgrounds having co-authored many articles and stories together. Pat Wingert is an award-winning journalist, has been a correspondent for Newsweek for the past 20 years based in Washington, D.C. Barbara Kantrowitz is a Newsweek senior editor who has a passion for health, education and women’s issues. Having won a Pulitzer Prize with her team at the Philadelphia Inquirer she now lives in New York City and continues to focus on writing about women’s health.


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