Think Again! Clearing Away The Brain Fog Of Menopause

Think Again! Clearing Away The Brain Fog Of Menopause

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Brain Fog

About the product:

When the changes of menopause start happening, it seems that our ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and remember simple, little, everyday things (like our own names) goes out the window.


In Think Again!, Jeanne Andrus tackles “brain fog” – a term she uses for the symptoms of menopause that affect the way you think. She covers why they happen, what they feel like, and how to tell when these might be symptoms of a more serious issue.

More importantly, she covers how you can cope with these changes in your daily life, including how you can optimize your approach to brain health to make sure you can “think again” for the rest of your life.

Think Again! covers topics from choosing the right list-making software to finding out which supplements may help you think better to knowing whether or not “brain training” exercises help. Ms. Andrus uses her experience in working with women going through menopause to help you understand and manage your menopause.

About the Author

Jeanne Andrus is filled with a passion for helping women come through their menopausal journey with renewed health and an excitement for life they may have thought was gone forever. She focused on her career putting our wellness aside until her divorce shook her up and made her refocus. At the age of 48, Jeanne is an advocate for health and self-fulfilment her priority.

Jeanne became a personal trainer, and a life coach and now offers a training support program called Menopause Mastery Coaching


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