Climsom Cooling & Heating Mattress Topper – Double
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Climsom Cooling & Heating Mattress Topper – Double

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£399.99 £349.99

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Night Sweats

About the product:

  • Ideal if you experience Night Sweats or Hot Flushes
  • Can help with Restless Leg Syndrome


Designed by a team of French scientists using ice technology, this revolutionary mattress topper helps you keep cool at night. For many women, this product has been a revolutionary solution for a good night’s sleep, allowing you to sleep at the right temperature, anytime, in any season. The topper helps with:

– Night sweats, by cooling down the body 

– Heavy legs, by providing a triple physiological effect that provides quick, all-night relief from pain and stimulate blood circulation

– Restless Leg Syndrome: a cool temperature can help relieve 75% of RLS cases.

– Muscle aches and pains: Heat quickly & effectively relaxes sore backs and muscles.

– Lumbago / back pain: Use Climson’s pleasurable, efficient heating to relax and soothe the pain with thermo-therapy.

With a range from 18-38 degrees, the topper cools within minutes, effectively using its unique water system to the temperature for a goods night sleep.  It’s an ideal alternative to air conditioning or heating. Designed to be an advanced design on the classic electric blanket, this topper has helped thousands of women cool down at night. 

The topper is washable and due to its natural cotton cover, it is an effective deterrent to dust mites and bedbugs.  

The topper is 140 x 190 cm and  cotton topped which is ideal to be used in a double bed discreetly. 

Quite simply, this Climsom Personal cooling product for my bed is the best item I’ve probably ever bought. …For the first time in more than 2 years, I’m finally getting to sleep before 3am as the Climsom is stopping me from burning up in the middle of the night with severe flushing.

 – Alessandra 

How to use

Easy and quick install. Can be used with a wireless remote. Once on the bed, the topper takes less than 5 minutes to cool down and can be left on by setting a timer or turned on and off manually. 

Safety and usage

Requires AAA batteries for the remote control. 

As this product is made in France, the unit comes with a converter plug.

Voltage 220-240V
Electric power 160W (less than 100W average)
Temperatures 18 to 48 degrees in normal conditions
Mattress topper Size 70×190 cm / 27 x 75 “
Washing Machine wash: warm, delicate cycle. Do not dry clean.
Certifications European Certifications (EMC, LVD, WEEE, RoHS)
Warranty Two-year warranty

Comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty. 

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