Climsom Cooling Pillow Topper Deluxe – Mousséo
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Climsom Cooling Pillow Topper Deluxe – Mousséo

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£49.99 £44.99

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Free delivery 1-2 days (UK)

Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Sleeping Problems Night Sweats Headaches

About the product:

• Developed by French experts

• Damp-free cooling and gentle on skin

•  Ideal for night sweats and hot flushes


Climson’s Coolpad Mousséo is a powerful ally to keep you cool through the warm nights, particularly if you’re experiencing night sweats. Designed to keep you cool for up to 6 hours, this topper can be placed on top of your pillow to absorb your body heat, or under your feet or calves for a cooling sensation, particularly if you suffer from restless legs. 

Developed by scientists and experts in France, the Coolpad has been designed as a long-lasting and reusable cooling aid. It works similar to a hot water bottle, however inside the pillow is a gel, which is activated by water to cool. This gel is remarkably effective in cooling the skin, without leaving an uncomfortable damp feeling.

A strong leak-proof outer layer which is a blend of nylon and polyester ensures you can confidently rest your head on the pillow for hours at a time – you can even slip it within your pillowcase for discreetness. 

How to use

Simply use the foldable funnel to fill up with water, and it’s ready to use right away. The Coolpad will initially require 2 litres of cold tap water – for more information and guidance, a user manual is included with the topper.

Maintenance is simple and easy – simply clean it with a cloth, water and mild soap. Be careful to keep it away from the sun.


• Improves sleep: promotes sleep and fights against insomnia and sleep disorders

• Relieves hot flushes and heat surges cooling the skin and providing cooling relief

• Relieves headaches and migraines: anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect from the cold

• Fight against blood circulation problems: placed under the calves or even in a wrap, it particularly relieves heavy legs

• Limits the appearance of varicose veins

• Relieves restless legs

• Relieves localised pain: anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect from the cold

Tips & Advice

• For further cooling, it is possible to put your Coolpad Mousséo in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before use

• If you find that your cooling cushion is too cold, try sliding it under your pillowcase or placing a towel on top

Product Reviews

2 reviews for Climsom Cooling Pillow Topper Deluxe – Mousséo

  1. Sabine via Climsom FR

    I am delighted with the Cool Pad Mousseo, I first bought on the advice of a friend one for my small dog who was delighted especially during the hot months, I bought myself one for myself too and I slept during the heat wave and my apartment and facing south !! I recommended 3 others because it is an extraordinary product of good quality and the service department very reactive and efficient.

  2. Christine via Climsom FR

    I have been using it for several weeks now and I confirm that it stays fresh for a very long time (until the end of the night). No complaints

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