Climsom Coolpad Crystal Pillow Topper
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Climsom Coolpad Crystal Pillow Topper





Free delivery 1-2 days (UK)

Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Night Sweats

About the product:

• New technology based on mini crystals

• Foldable, light and transportable

• Available in blue, green, purple, pink


The Coolpad Crystal Pillow Topper uses innovative cooling technology: natural mini-crystals absorb your excess heat to keep you dry and cool – no activation necessary.

Suffering from night sweats can cause insomnia and exacerbate the burning sensation from within. Where as many toppers make the skin feel clammy or damp – crystal technology keeps skin dry and cool.

These toppers can be easily rolled up – ideal for travelling or storing discreetly. 

How does it work?

In original form, the crystals are solid. However the pad is blended with texture agents to ensure it feels soft to touch. As the pad absorbs your body heat, the crystals will gradually liquefy – offering relief from thermal sensations. Once stored at normal temperature, the crystals will harden again, ready for reuse.

For extra coolness you may place the topper into the fridge for 2 hours- ensuring it is kept dry and away from odorous foods. 

How to Use

Used with your regular pillow, the Coolpad Crystal can be placed inside your pillowcase or on the skin as it is hypoallergenic. 

For an even and good distribution of cystals, be sure to lay it flat.

For storage, keep the pad in a cool dark spot ( under your bed is ideal) to allow the crystals to regenerate.

• Very thin (less than 0.5 cm) and light, the Coolpad Cystal is easy to transport and is ideal for outings such as the beach (keep in the shade and ideally in a cooler), travelling by car, or on an office seat. 

• The Coolpad is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and composed of high-quality crystals, making it suitable for direct use on the skin 

• Dry and waterproof, simply clean with a simple sponge

• No storage problems, store where you want

Product Reviews

3 reviews for Climsom Coolpad Crystal Pillow Topper

  1. Yoyo via Climsom FR

    Satisfied with the result announced, I use them (I have four) for big hot flashes at night, it’s super effective, to date nothing found better to calm its hot flashes, I have them four in my bed from head to toe, great and I can use them individually also during the day (back, legs, etc.).

  2. Nadine via Climsom FR

    Real head cooler. Just put it on the pillow inside the pillowcase and the freshness is felt after a few seconds. We fall asleep more easily and the freshness lasts a good part of the night

  3. Suzanne via Climsom FR

    I can not do without it. At the time of hot flashes, we apply it on the chest, no disabling sweating, after two minutes everything disappears, it makes less noise than the fan, I no longer wake my husband, I recommend it to all those who do not want to take HRT

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