Health & Her Cooling Mattress Topper – Single

Health & Her Cooling Mattress Topper – Single


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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Sleeping Problems Night Sweats Muscle Tension

About the product:

  • Single Mattress Topper
  • Keep cool all night to help improve your quality of sleep
  • Control the temperature on just your side of the bed
  • Comfortable, breathable, machine washable and easy to fit


Designed by experts, this innovative cooling mattress topper helps you get cool and stay cool at night. For many women, this product has been a revolutionary solution for a good night’s sleep during menopause and has been described as the most effective way to reduce hot flushes and night sweats for better sleep. It allows you to sleep at the right temperature, anytime, in any season. With a range of 18-38 degrees, the cold electric blanket function cools within minutes, effectively using its unique water thermo-system to reach the best temperature for you to achieve a good night’s sleep. The mattress topper is 70 x 190 cm, with a cotton top layer for comfort and breathability.

This single mattress topper allows you to control the temperature of your side of the bed without disturbing your partner. Comes with a remote control for quick set up and easy temperature adjustment at the touch of a button, helping you to stay cool and calm at night. Using a hydro-powered cooling and heating system, it can be left on all night with a quiet operating sound <45DB.



Improve the quality of your sleep by setting a cool temperature and support your physical and mental recovery.


Are hot flushes and night sweats keeping you up at night? Use the cooling function to help reduce the number of hot flushes and night sweats for a better night’s sleep.


If you experience back pain or stiff muscles, you can use the warming function just like an electric blanket to relax and relieve your muscles.


Avoid or reduce the use of regular air conditioning systems at night to reduce your energy consumption, and control the temperature of your side of the bed only – without disturbing your partner.


How To Use

Easy to set up and use in 4 simple steps. Full instruction manual included.  AA Batteries for Remote not included

Safety and Warnings

Keep away from children.

Health & Her Cooling Mattress Topper Reviews

3 reviews for Health & Her Cooling Mattress Topper – Single

  1. sophia

    I bought this product to help with night sweats, helps me get to sleep quicker and get that cold pillow feeling when i am trying to relax and go to sleep. I do like that I can put a timer on too as I dont like being cold all night through but can turn it on when I need it with the remote. It was an investment for me but i feel the benefits and glad i treated myself

  2. Elspeth Via Trust Pilot

    I have found this cooling mattress really helpful – I do still wake in the night but I can tell that I am sleeping more deeply and feeling more energetic in the day. Thank you – I was getting desperate!

  3. Stevie

    I was gifted this product to review ahead of launch as I suffer terribly with night sweats and struggle to go back to sleep after getting hot. I have tried alot of other products including gel pads, a bedside fan but always found they worked well at first but by 3am I was still suffering. I tried the product for 2 weeks and am literally inviting my friends over to try it, and the last week as the weather has got hotter it has been a saviour for me, my partner also loves it and is always trying to cool a leg or an arm lol! It gives the feeling that you are getting into a new bed every hour of the night, my night sweats have reduced and I feel a lot cooler and calmer through the night which means I am up and down all night. I am even debating taking it on my holidays.

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