Honeywell – The DreamWeaver™ Sleep Fan

Honeywell – The DreamWeaver™ Sleep Fan

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£89.99 £87.99

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Night Sweats

About the product:

  • Recommended by women suffering from night sweats and disrupted sleep
  • Helps calm and cool through the night 
  • Auto timer 


The Dreamweaver Sleep Fan is engineered to maximise your comfort, with pivot and oscillation so you can direct airflow where and how you want it.  The Dreamweaver Sleep Fan has sound blocking benefits, generating a constant soothing Pink Noise with or without airflow – helping you achieve a calm nights sleep while reducing the impact of anxiety, hot flushes and night sweats, on any day of the year.

Easy-tap controls include a touch-sensitive tap area, so easy you could do it in your sleep! Simply tap the top surface to power the fan on and select from 3 powerful speeds.

Four light dimming settings offer flexibility for sleeping preferences – perhaps you prefer a hint of light, or choose “off” to create a dark sleep sanctuary.

A compact design makes this fan easily portable and fits perfectly on a nightstand, dresser, desk, or the floor, delivering cooling airflow and soothing pink noise sound where you need it! Dream comfortably, all year long.

What is Pink Noise?

Pink noise is a soothing sound frequency optimised for relaxation. While in the same family as white noise, pink noise is a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds more balanced than white noise, and provides unique sound-blocking that helps promote a more restorative night’s sleep. Examples of pink noise in nature include falling rain or ocean waves.


• Adjustable Airflow -This sleep fan features a unique on/off airflow shutter, pivot and oscillation, all designed to give you the ability to direct airflow.

• Soothing pink noise remains constant with the shutter up or down allowing you to customise your sleep environment any night of the year.

• USB Charging Port – Convenient USB Charging Port lets you charge your electronics while you sleep.

• Easy Tap Controls – A touch-sensitive, easy tap control panel allows you to find the perfect setting with 3 powerful speeds & 4 light dimming settings that provide a hint of light plus an “off” selection for full darkness.

• Auto Timer – Optional Auto-Off Timer with 1, 2, 4 or 8-hour settings.

• Manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee 

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  1. Chris (verified owner)

    This fan is fantastic was a bit dubious at first but during these times with the pandemic going on was getting no sleep due to stress and hot flushes as soon as I put the fan on and listen to the pink noise feel so relaxed been sleeping so much better

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