Nhp Black Cohosh Premium Support With Phytoestrogens

Nhp Black Cohosh Premium Support With Phytoestrogens

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Hot Flushes Low Mood


About the product:

  • Developed by Dr Marilyn Glenville
  • High quality herbal formulation
  • Unique blend


Blended to be a powerhouse of herbs and developed by Dr Glenville – this supplement is a unique blend of seven organic herbs for women going through the menopause. With Black Cohosh, Agnus Castus, Dong Quai, Red Sage, Milk Thistle, Hops and Wild Yam it is an ideal product to help support hormonal changes. Black Cohosh – used for centuries by the Native American Indian wise women has always been the main herb of choice. Red Sage and Milk Thistle are also excellent herbs for creating harmony and balance Agnus Castus and Dong Quai have also been used for centuries in this regard. These 5 herbs complement each other and blend well together. Black Cohosh Support contains the most important and highest quality organic herbs which have enjoyed widespread popularity among oriental women for centuries. All nutrients are in their most bio-available form to aid absorption and the highest quality possible to ensure maximum effectiveness in the shortest amount of time.


For best results take two capsules a day with food. Do not take if you are on any medication and always seek advice from a medical professional. Results may vary person to person

Ingredients and Active Ingredients

2 Capsules Will Provide: Black Cohosh 100mg, Agnus Castus 100mg, Dong Quai 100mg, Red Sage 100mg, Hops 80mg, Wild Yam 80mg, Milk Thistle 90mg, Magnesium (as citrate) 30mg, Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P) 20mg

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