Keep Your Joints Young By Sarah Kay

Keep Your Joints Young By Sarah Kay

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Joint Aches

About the product:

Spot the tell-tale warning signs of imminent joint problems, take immediate action to reverse the trend, exercise to alleviate joint pain and restore full mobility.


Using 30 minutes workout, Sarah guides you through a series of movements designed to focus on your painful joints and to combat some on the common issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The book is written to be suitable for beginners as well as those who regularly undertake yoga and are familiar with the benefits of stretching in poses.

About the Author

Sarah Kay is a renowned physiotherapist and bestselling author,she shows you how to keep your skeleton young with a series of stretches designed to combat stiffness and joint pain. Sarah is based in Sydney managing her own clinic, and runs a number of international retreats including one in Cornwall. She focuses on practical advice to help improve your mobility.


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