Men…Let’s Talk Menopause By Ruth Devlin

Men…Let’s Talk Menopause By Ruth Devlin


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A comprehensive guide to the female menopause, written for men to help them understand this often perplexing topic. It addresses all the important aspects of the menopause, including the physical, psychological, genito-urinary and long term symptoms that can occur. It gives essential information on options available to cope with those symptoms plus good advice for men (and women!) on practical lifestyle choices. Short and easy to dip in and out of, with humorous illustrations and practical tips for what you can do (and what NOT to say), this is your essential handbook for surviving the change in YOUR life.

About the Author

Ruth is a qualified nurse, gaining her registration and working at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

After moving to the Scottish Borders she retired from nursing to follow her creative interests, setting up a business and working as a traditional upholsterer for over 20 years, latterly incorporating a family members firebellows business, which is still running today. She taught upholstery at evening classes for many years.

After experiencing an array of perimenopausal symptoms herself and realising the lack of consistent information available at the time, in 2014, Ruth and a team of like minded women with healthcare backgrounds set up Let’s Talk Menopause. Their principal objectives being to raise awareness about the menopause, demystify it and most importantly provide easy access to information and support.

Ruth’s medical background as a nurse means she is perfectly placed to bridge the gap between the medical profession and women in general, She has extensively researched the menopause in addition to attending the RCN accredited menopause courses. She is a member of the British Menopause Society and has liaised with menopause specialists to establish what women really want, and need, to know about the menopause.

She is passionate about providing women and employers with evidence-based information and support, helping women to make informed decisions about how to manage their menopause and so improve their quality of life.

She has been asked to contribute on several occasions on various media platforms including, Radio 4s Woman’s hour, BBC Radio Scotland, Radio Borders, the BBC Insiders Guide to the Menopause documentary with Kirsty Wark and BBC breakfast and writes for us too.


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