Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer


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About the product:

  • An award-winning Kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor.
  • Better bladder control, and enhanced intimacy.
  • Fun workouts. Results in less than 4 weeks.
  • Recommended by over 1,000 health professionals.
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  • 2 Years Warranty


Your pelvic floor is a powerful set of muscles that play an important role in core stability, bladder control and intimate wellbeing. Pelvic floor problems, including incontinence, are surprisingly common, affecting 1 in 3 women. But it’s difficult to work out muscles you can’t see. Elvie Trainer cuts out all of the guesswork. Elvie Pelvic Floor trainer is designed to be fun, challenging and motivating, so that you can get the most out of your Kegels. Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer uses biofeedback technology, which is shown to be the most reliable way to encourage commitment and improve outcomes from pelvic floor muscle training. Until recently, this technology existed almost exclusively in hospitals. Elvie Trainer allows you to effectively perform your Kegels at home… or anywhere. The small, sleek device is inserted like a tampon and connects to an app on your smartphone, which visualises your pelvic floor movements in real-time and guides you through exercises designed by pelvic floor specialists to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor. Unfortunately, 30% of women don’t exercise correctly, pushing down rather than lifting up the pelvic floor muscles. Unlike any other at-home biofeedback pelvic floor exercise tool, Elvie Trainer’s patented force and motion sensor system detects if you are pushing down and alerts you via the app, helping you to get it right. Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor with the world’s smallest and smartest Kegel trainer.

The Elvie Trainer is best suited for women who are experiencing a sensitive bladder. After giving birth is a great time to get into a regular pelvic floor exercise routine, but for postpartum use, we recommending getting approval from your health professional – this will usually be at your 6 week check up.  



How to use your Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

1. Connect Elvie; The Elvie trainer connects to your phone using Bluetooth. To connect your Elvie for the first time, simply squeeze it in your hand for 3 seconds.

2. Insert Elvie; Elvie is simple to insert. The pebble shaped part goes inside your vagina and the tail remains outside, facing forward. Be sure to fully insert the pebble shaped part, but not too high up. If you pull down gently, you will feel a slight resistance against the vaginal opening. If it feels uncomfortable to insert Elvie, try using some water-based lubricant.

3. Find the right fit; Many women prefer to use the optional cover to prevent Elvie falling out or moving about inside. Try with and without the cover to see what feels best. Thread the Elvie tail through the small hole in the cover and pull over Elvie. Always remember to take the cover off when charging.

4. Pick your exercise position; Most women prefer to exercise standing. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and hold your phone centrally by your midriff. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, try lying down, legs apart. For best results please set your targets and keep exercising in the same position over time.


As long as your device is an Android with 6 or newer, or an iPhone running iOS10 or newer, and is Bluetooth Smart Ready (supports Bluetooth Low Energy) then Elvie Trainer will be compatible with your device. You can also use the Elvie Trainer with iPads running iPadOS13 or newer.


Only use for one hour at a time. Elvie is made from medical grade silicone and is backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty against any defects in materials and/or workmanship, for two years from the date of original purchase. Results can vary from person to person


Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer Reviews

7 reviews for Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

  1. Jan via Trustpilot

    I was very pleased with my purchase, it arrived on time and seems to be making a noticeable difference to my muscles, thank you

  2. Merlin via Elvie.com

    i bought elvie 4 weeks ago and have been using it for 5 mins every day, it has made a massive difference..i have 3 grown up children and had a prolapse repair operation 25 years ago, but over time, that has got a bit weak again, so decided to try elvie, i find it very easy to use, and noticed a big difference i the first 2 weeks, i feel a lot more toned and don’t even need to use pant liners any more, i think elvie is worth every penny, so glad i bough one.

  3. Sammy via Elvie.com

    I bought this because the doctor told me my pelvic floor was extremely weak and to do Kegels 3 times a day. I never knew if I was doing them correctly. With the Elvie, it gives workouts that are fun to do and it measures your progress.

  4. Via Elvie.com

    After initial teething problems and contacting the helpful support I have found this device useful. With a super weak pelvic floor the key was to both relax and contract to my best at the start to set the exercises. Tells you if you are doing incorrect exercise. It is easy to insert even though I am in perimenopause. It has a training feature you can use outside of a workout. Easy to clean, discreet. Holds a charge for a long time. Have progressed from 2 to 10 Lv. And starting to benefit.

  5. Charlotte T

    I recently purchased this for my mother who has suffered with incontinence for years and can honestly say it’s made the world of difference for her! The app is so easy to use and the guided exercises are quick but very effective. It takes only a few minutes to complete each daily exercise and she’s said that being able to track progress through the app has really motivated her to build the exercises into her daily routine. Great product and comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty too.

  6. Laura S (verified owner)

    Okay, I never ever leave reviews for things because honestly I’m lazy, but I was so on the fence about spending this much money and it’s ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I gave birth 12 weeks ago and ended up with stage two prolapse and horrible incontinence issues. At six weeks I could not walk even around the house without feeling my organs drag around down there, it was AWFUL and I was extremely depressed because I was told it was irreversible. I also couldn’t be referred for pelvic floor therapy any time soon because of the pandemic. So I eventually decided to buy this and… holy f***. I’ve been using it five times a week for a month and the difference is completely bonkers. My prolapse is totally fixed (at least, I can’t feel it at all now). My incontinence is now extremely mild and I think it’ll be totally back to normal after a few more months of use. Six weeks ago I could walk ten metres, and today I ran four miles with no leaks and no dragging prolapse feeling. I came home, cried with happiness, then immediately started writing this review. If you have the discipline to commit to five minute workouts five times a week, I promise this will change your life. I would buy one for every woman in the world if I could.

  7. Lauren

    Wow, this is far exceeding my expectations. Not only is it brilliantly and beautifully designed, but within a few weeks I’ve really noticed a difference. Love how exercises and my own strength can be tracked on the app!

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