Be You Sleep Pillow Mist

Be You Sleep Pillow Mist


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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Sleeping Problems

About the product:

  • Formulated to last until the morning
  • 100% natural blend formulated with only the finest essential oils
  • All natural and organic ingredients


This 100% natural formula has been designed to help you relax and de-stress before sleep, using only the finest essential oils. The relaxing scent of this Sleep Pillow Mist has been formulated to last until the morning, helping you settle down to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Tried and tested by consumers, Be You have created this Sleep Pillow Mist with your sleep in mind to make bedtime that extra little bit special.


French Lavender Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil, Organic Alcohol

How To Use

Switch off your screens, breathe in your Sleep Pillow Mist and let your worries melt away… Spritz your pillow and duvet with the BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist. Lie back and relax on your bed. Slowly breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds. Then, slowly breathe out through your mouth for 7 seconds. Keep breathing in this cycle until you slowly drift off to sleep.

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