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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Sleeping Problems Night Sweats

About the product:

” A must for anyone who gets too hot at night” – Daily Mail 2019


Night sweats can often cause disrupted sleep, stress and anxiety around bedtime. This revolutionary fan is ultra-quiet and ideal for hot sleepers or anyone looking to keep the sheets cool at night.

As featured in the Daily Mail, this silent rotary fan sits on the floor at the end of your bed and gently blows in cool air under the duvet to prevent you from getting hot and sweaty. The cool air from the bed fan flows up, removing the trapped heat from around your body and under your duvet and sheets before expelling it into the room. To direct airflow, bFan can be focused on one side of the bed to minimise disruption to partners, and the design allows the height of the fan to be adjusted to the height of your mattress and bed. 

bFan’s design is a unique precision-engineered bed blower type combined with specially designed ducting and years of practical expertise built into it. The ultra-quiet motor runs at 11db on a low speed, however it is effective in blowing the cool air through the bed. Its design makes it efficient both on the electric meter as well as the environment.

Newly upgraded with a remote control for maximum convenience, you may turn the fan on and off, adjust speed, vary settings as well set a sleep timer so you can go to sleep worry-free.  Adjust 20-speed settings with 4 hr and 9 hr off-timer.

Available in 2 bed heights:

Short – 19-29″ / 48-74cm

Tall – 27-37″ / 10-94cm

How to use 

Easy and quick to install – simply piece together and ensure the vent is between the sheet and top sheet at the base of your bed. The fan comes with full instructions on how to use. 

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Kit Includes: Motor, Vents, Remote Control

Product Reviews

2 reviews for BFAN COOLING BED FAN

  1. Janine via Facebook

    The bfan was an answer to prayer and enabled me to finally get a good night’s rest. The gentle airflow feels like sleeping with your windows open on a cool summers eve. The new model is quiet and has the same beautiful air flow as my first one. (which I keep as a backup.) For you ladies out there who may be losing your mind with hot flashes at night, this fan will be your new best friend. I use mine year-round, even in the cold of winter. Love the dial remote. It has a smooth operation and fits nicely under your pillow. If this bFan had been available when Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music sang “My Favorite Things” I imagine it would have sounded more like this; “Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, bFan that blows gentle breeze like it’s spring, these are a few of my favorite things.” bFan will not disappoint. One of the best purchased I have ever mad

  2. Darlene via Facebook 2019

    My, Oh, My!! Hot flashes and Night Sweat be Gone!!! The BFan provides enough air to provide a cool night sleep!!! I highly recommend for anyone who has difficulty sleeping at night. It provides just the right amount of air to allow you a restful night sleep…

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