Be You Chafing Cream 50G

Be You Chafing Cream 50G


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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Weight Gain Skin Changes Itchy Skin

About the product:

  • Designed to help women reduce redness and irriation
  • Made with collodial silver
  • 100% natural friction free solution
  • Ideal for senstive areas such as inner thighs, nipples or bottoms


As our bodies change often our shape and how our bodies react changes too. Be You have developed a 100% natural anti-chafing cream to help us feel confident and keep our skin feeling silky smooth.

The formulation has been tested and developed using a combination of natural high performance ingredients designed to resist water and sweat. A key ingredient is Colloidal Silver it is naturally antibacterial and skin-repairing. Colloidal Silver’s wonderful healing properties can help the skin heal cuts, abrasions and wounds, leaving you in the safe knowledge that this little cream will save and soothe your skin.

Why use a chafing cream?

– Wearing a mask for long periods of time on your face can cause skin to get sore and feel irritated. The chafing cream reduces that friction and as an antibaceterial product is an ideal barrier cream too.

– During your period skin can become irritated – especially when you are using traditional towels and pads which contain unbreathable plastic layers. Using a chafing cream creates a safe protective ‘veil’ over skin

– At the gym we often get sweaty and tight gym clothes can feel clammy and damp causing friction as you move- a chafing cream helps to protect sensitive areas such as nipples, inner thighs and even on our soft skin where our bra may rub as we run

-Travelling involves a multitude of temperatures and various layers – using antibacterial chafing cream helps protect skin from getting itchy and sore

– Dancing or getting warm in summer- we all know when we have fun often we can feel sweatier than usual – to help reduce friction a chafing cream can help ensure you don’t get red raw thighs or back where a strap may be rubbing

How to use

To help prevent and soothe chafing skin, massage a pea-sized amount on to the desired area, such as the inner thighs, until the cream goes clear. Everyone is different though, so apply as liberally as you feel you need to!

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. If allergic symptoms appear, discontinue use.


Colloidal Silver, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Concentrated Aloe Vera Juice, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate, Vegetable Glycerine, Argan Oil, Frankincense, Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Teatree Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Maltodextrin.

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