The Natural Menopause Plan By Maryon Stewart

The Natural Menopause Plan By Maryon Stewart

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Weight Gain Hair Loss Bloating Brittle Nails

About the product:

Provides well informed guidance on phytoestrogen based recipes and practical advice.


Containing over 90 mouth watering recipes, all easy to
prepare and packed with vital nutrients. Many recipes contain phytoestrogens, including delicious breakfast bowls, stir fries
and delicious desserts. Maryon includes lots of practical advice on weight
management, bloating and finding nutrition that helps improve skin, hair and
nails naturally.

About the Author

Maryon Stewart has written over 26 self help books, helping millions
of women. Having spear headed several campaigns to improve womens health Maryon
founded Midlife Switch and is a contributor to various media and television
shows on the subject of Menopause.


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