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Makeup for menopause tutorial by Caroline Barnes

Makeup for menopause… is it different? Should you change formulas to beat those hot flashes? What about skincare? Is it time to try something new? Celeb make up artist Caroline Barnes has created a Speed Beauty menopause makeup tutorial for you, creating a fresh, beautiful look and recommending products to try that will help you look – and feel – gorgeous.



6 skincare secrets

    1. When estrogen levels drop, collagen levels deplete, skin feels less bouncy, thinner and has more movement as it has less elasticity – everyone’s different but you will notice changes and might need to update your products.
    2. If your skin has started to get oilier, try salicylic acid – to remove excess oil from pores – with hyaluronic acid to hydrate.
    3. If you suit something richer, VENeffect is a brand to look at – these products have been developed by a gynecologist alongside skincare experts, and contains phytoestrogens that make your skin look like it does “on your best day”.
    4. If you’re hydrating your skin, make sure you exfoliate. Use a simple AHA on a cotton pad before moisturizer.
    5. Start double cleansing if you don’t yet! The cleaner your skin, the better your products absorb and work. Use an oil to take off makeup, then a cream cleanser.
    6. Don’t forget to use an SPF every day.

5 makeup for menopause must-knows

      1. It is possible to wear foundation and concealer even if you get hot flashes – just make sure it’s a waterproof formula. Caroline likes Superfit by Clinique and Waterweight concealer by MAC.
      2. Colored powder is a no-no – the pigment gathers and collects on the skin and can look grubby if you perspire. Instead choose translucent powder or blotting paper.
      3. Choose a liquid blush that acts like a stain, and choose the color depending on how your skin feels: warm pinky tones are great if you feel a little sallow or grey – they really give you a lift; but choose a nudey or peachy blush if your skin is inflamed or have rosacea.
      4. As we get older, we need more structure and definition around eyes, lips and lashes. But keep it simple and soft – no hard lines.
      5. A dab of highlighter in the inside corner of your eyes can give you a boost if you’re feeling tired.

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The last word?

There are many ways you can do your makeup as you go through the menopause but in a nutshell, keep the structure in your makeup, add a little bit of color to lift, really focus on your skincare, exfoliate and hydrate. But most of all, give yourself a little bit of kindness. Make yourself feel as good as you can. It will make all the difference, and remember, all those symptoms won’t last forever!

About Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes is one of the UK’s most established and celebrated make-up artists. Her reputation for approachable beauty has helped her establish an enviable roster of clients from Diane Kruger, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Watson and Olga Kurylenko to Kylie Minogue and Kelly Rowland. Caroline has a YouTube channel – Speed Beauty – where she offers expert beauty advice. Caroline knows exactly what women want and how to deliver it at speed. She also gives her time to the beauty industry charity, Look Good Feel Better, using her ‘midas touch’ to help restore confidence and wellbeing in women cancer sufferers.

Read Caroline’s full biography here


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