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Relate is the UK’s largest provider of relationship support, and last year they helped over two million people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships.

Relate counsellors work with Health & Her to develop relationship advice to that empowers women and their partners to negotiate the challenges of menopause. It’s about providing practical guidance to help you build a stronger relationship together.

All Relate counsellors have received special training in relationship counselling. It takes two to three years to become a fully qualified Relate counsellor, and they undergo further training to specialise in areas such as Sex Therapy.

The Relate team have five top tips for every woman – and every partner! – when it comes to relationships at this time:

  • Talk as a couple about what’s happening. It’s really helpful to plan together for what’s to come so your partner knows how they can support you.
  • Focus on improving your health overall. Healthy living can reduce your symptoms and help you cope better with changes to your mood.
  • Do your research about the menopause: find out about the symptoms and who can help so you are prepared in advance if you start to experience them.
  • Put yourself first. Do things you enjoy and find relaxing, this will boost your mood and give you the energy you need to recover from the big changes your body is going through.
  • Talk to other women. This can be a lifeline when you’re struggling with a new symptom. They can truly understand what you’re going through – sometimes feeling you’re not on your own can be a huge relief when you’re finding things difficult.

As well as the advice provided here on Health & Her, Relate publishes some fantastic books that can be really helpful if you’re looking for more help.


Menopause and relationships

How to manage stress, anxiety and anger and keep your relationship strong

Have you lost your libido? Learn how to work through it as a couple

Painful sex and relationships – how to talk about it and improve things together


  • How To Do Relationships – a must-read that helps all couples nurture a meaningful, lasting connection.
  • Loving in Later Life – a sensitive guide to sex and relationships for the over 50s.
  • Better Relationships – a practical guide to helping you understand yourself and your partner better.
  • Staying Together: From Crisis to Deeper Commitment – a guide that helps couples to survive and grow through their relationship problems.
  • Sex in Loving Relationships – help to discover the sexual people you are as a couple.
  • The Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy – inspiring you to take control, develop intimacy and sustain a healthy sex life.

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