Dr Shilpa McQuillan

Dr Shilpa McQuillan is a GP with a difference: she also brings a wealth of specialist knowledge when it comes to women’s health. Previously a Hospital Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Shilpa now works in general practice, providing patients with resident expertise and knowledge on women’s health concerns.


Shilpa is deeply passionate about women’s health, and – alongside her speciality in gynaecology – she has additional advanced training in post-reproductive health. This unique combination of specialist knowledge and general practice experience means she is perfectly placed to provide answers to all your big questions about menopause.


Though not every GP has Shilpa’s specialist knowledge, she believes that your GP can provide fantastic support when it comes to empowering you on your menopause journey. In her own words…


“Being a GP is a real privilege – patients share their stories and place trust in us. Just remember we are trained to be professional and to provide the best level of care. Be honest, tell your story, and most importantly explain how it is affecting you. We are here to support you through your journey.”

Some insights from Shilpa as you approach menopause:

  1. Keep in mind that menopause can occur at any age. It may be worth exploring this further with your doctor as a possible cause of your bothersome symptoms.
  2. Be health aware – investing some time and energy in looking after your body can be really beneficial for treating some menopausal symptoms as well as some health issues linked to menopause (such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease).
  3. Everyone is different. Menopause, and the impact it has on quality of life, affects women in such different ways due to the wide range of symptoms. Try not to compare yourself to others. Your doctor can help you find your own way and options that are right for you.
  4. Don’t be embarrassed or shy – your doctor is here to help, and has ‘seen it all before’.

Qualifications and certifications:

  • Member Royal College General Practitioners (MRCGP)
  • Member Royal College Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (MRCOG)
  • Diploma Faculty Sexual and Reproductive Health (DFRSH)
  • Medical Degree (MBBS)


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