Small changes, big differences: Menopause resolutions you can stick to in 2024

Small changes, big differences: Menopause resolutions you can stick to in 2024

Let's stop fooling ourselves! How many of you are actually sticking to your New Year's resolutions?

The problem is, we set out with good intentions and big unrealistic aims. But the novelty soon wears off, our motivation drops, and you're more often than not, back to where you started.

At Health & Her, we're not about a quick fixes or a novelty hacks, we're passionate about supporting and educating women through the often challenging stages of peri and menopause. Giving you the products and tools to create small positive changes that, when combined together, could make a big difference!

Here's 4 ways how Health & Her can help you build a positive regime that you can actually stick to in 2024:

Learn about your body

Knowing your body is one of the most important steps we can all take to support our health. By tracking what we eat and drink, and how we feel mentally and physically we can better understand ourselves, and start to see patterns and fluctuations.1

The free Health & Her app is the perfect tool to keep on top of your hormonal health. Tracking your menopause such as keeping a record of your symptoms, periods and potential triggers only takes a minute each day, but can give you the insight you need to make positive changes.

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Be productive with your screen time

Hands up if you spend too much time on your phone! Rather than scrolling aimlessly through social media or trawling the latest celebrity gossip, why not use your screen time to learn something new?

Try and set aside some time each week for useful screen time. Find a new recipe, read a blog article, find some yoga videos online, or educate yourself on a new topic.

The Health & Her website and app contains a wealth of expert advice, tips and ideas tailored specifically to women in the peri and menopause stages of their life. Whether you're looking for meal ideas, exercises, or to answer your burning menopause questions, we have plenty of content to help you feel like your screen time has been productive!

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Get a little help with your schedule

One of the most annoying signs of menopause is forgetfulness! It's hard enough trying to remember why you went upstairs, never mind doing your daily pelvic floor exercises.

Why not try setting reminders on your smart speaker or use a task management app to help give you that little nudge?

Did you know Health & Her app allows you to create your own personal menopause task list? You can create a tailored plan to remind you to drink water, take your supplements, carry out a monthly breast check, listen to a relaxing sleep meditation and much more.

Download the app and head to the 'Plan' section to customise your personal list of goals today.

Supplement your diet

While we all know that eating the right foods is an important step to getting our daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals, a busy lifestyle can mean we sometimes don't eat as well as we should.

Supplementing your diet with a multivitamin is one way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake to help support your body's energy levels, cognitive function, hormone regulation, psychological function, or immunity2.

Health & Her's range of supplements has been expertly-formulated to support women through their various life stages. Combining multiple vitamins, minerals and botanicals in each capsule. 

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