Exercises for menopause weight gain

We all know that getting moving and being mindful about diet are the best way to fight menopause weight gain. But what if you’ve let your exercise regime slide, or really can’t face the idea of going to the gym?

Jane Dowling, Clinical Exercise Practitioner offers a simple, short chair-based routine to get your fitness regime started again.

“Moving more will help you feel better mentally and physically – and will help burn that menopausal belly fat!”

Diet is also important for keeping menopause belly fat at bay, here are menopause nutrition tips from an expert nutritionist.

Top tips for fighting menopause weight gain 

  1. Try to do this video three times per week, but not on consecutive days.
  2. In between sessions, look at ways to become breathless in your everyday life: give yourself 10 minutes to getting off the bus, train or tube a stop earlier and clock up more steps.
  3. Ditch the lift and take the stairs at every opportunity.
  4. Use housework as an opportunity to exercise – put on some music and do it with more vigour!
  5. To monitor your steps how about downloading a step counter on your phone? There are lots of other gadgets on the markets that you can wear on your wrist to have a look at the amount of steps you take and how many calories you are burning.

Here are the best exercises for you to try in menopause that are fun, intense and can help you control your weight and stay healthy through menopause.

Great ways to fight menopausal weight gain

As well as putting together this fantastic video for you, Jane has some great suggestions to help you build on fitter foundations and get into great shape.

Get a GP referral for more affordable gym access

“Ask your local doctors’ surgery if they are part of the GP referral scheme – lots of GP’s are linked to local leisure centres to allow you to access the gym at a fraction of the cost when the gym will be less busy. If you have a specific problem such as weight management, high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety or depression your GP can write a covering letter to the specialist instructor who will be running these sessions.”

Try some over 50’s sessions – make friends while keeping fit

“50’s sessions run at local leisure centres and you will be surrounded by like minded women. These can be a studio class or session in the gym lead by an instructor who understand your needs. It’s a great way to become used to a gym or class environment to build up your confidence to take part in other activities.”

Aqua sessions are ideal if you have joint problems

“I love teaching these sessions! These are great if you have any joint problems. The classes are such fun and you will be surrounded by other menopausal women! You will burn more calories in this water-based class vs a land-based class as the water increases your workload without impact or stress on your joints. You can work harder without sweating!”

Walking netball

“If you enjoyed netball at school but feel that your body might not be happy jumping or running, then these are for you! It is great fun; low impact and you will burn lots of calories! Check out the England Netball site for local classes.”

Here are products supporting weight management through perimenopause and menopause.

Here’s how to dress with menopause belly whatever your waist size.

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