Menopause products for Sensitive Bladder

Urinary changes like frequent urination and leaky bladder are really common at menopause due to changes in oestrogen levels. Take action with pelvic floor trainers and avoid embarrassment with practical products to help with incontinence.

Expert advice for Sensitive Bladder

Jane Dowling

Exercise Practitioner

Physical Advice

How to do pelvic floor exercises – Jane Dowling explains all…

At menopause it’s more important than ever before to exercise your pelvic floor so it’s strong and healthy. Jane Dowling, Clinical Exercise Practitioner – ...
Anne Henderson

Anne Henderson


Physical Advice

Incontinence at menopause – urinary changes and why they happen

Suddenly having little leaks? Increased urinary frequency or urgency, and incontinence at menopause happens – even if you’ve never had problems in this area before – ...
Gilly Woo

Gilly Woo


Lifestyle Advice

Don’t let periods or leaks dampen your style…

There’s no skirting around it: changes to flow around menopause can bring with then sudden, unexpected periods; and heavier flow that’s hard to ...