Easy stretches for aching joints

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Here is a simple routine you can do every day to ease aching joints – a menopause symptom that is common but still surprises many of us!

These easy exercises really help with everyday stiffness and pain, and aid ease of movement.

“Motion is lotion, ladies!”. - Jane Dowling. 

Five must-knows about joint pain from Jane

  1. If you do have a recurring joint problem or pain that will not go away, please see your GP or a specialist such as a physiotherapist or osteopath. Some GP surgeries can refer you onto a specialist.
  2. Remember that while some GPs might suggest that you treat the symptoms with pain killers, a specialist will look and treat the actual cause of the problem.
  3. I advise clients who have joint or muscle problems that don’t go away to ask to see a specialist sooner rather than later – this can really help long term, and stops one problem leading to others.
  4. Please don’t be frightened “try before you buy!” if you seek treatment from a specialist outside the NHS. Ask them how long they have been treating patients and if they understand the menopausal body.

About Jane Dowling

Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise practitioner, health professional and menopause advocate. She combines her experience of menopause and experience as a coach to help women navigate through menopause and to come out the other side using her award-winning blog, Meno&Me. Her qualifications include: PT award YMCA; BACR Phase iv Cardiac; Postural Stability – falls prevention for the elderly; Dr Dawn Skelton Later Life Training; GP referral scheme for Later Life Training. 

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Jane Dowling

Jane Dowling

Exercise Practitioner

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