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The only Menopause Workplace Support Plan...

that offers your employees training, expert clinical advice and daily digital coaching through our FREE menopause app

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How we can help you with menopause in your business

We can help you raise awareness of menopause throughout your business, educate your managers and give you the tools to support your female employees going through the life-affecting symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Employee consultation

Our accessible menopause clinic empowers your female employees with expert support and treatment planning that works alongside the NHS.

Webinars & training programmes

We offer a range of webinars and training programmes led by menopause specialist GPs or our menopause trainers. These can be tailored to support both women going through the menopause as well as employees working with or managing them.

Health & Her app

Our FREE digital menopause app allows women to track their symptoms, triggers and period changes. It gives your employees the ability to explore expert advice and build good habits by personalising their goals.

The cost of menopause for business

4.4 million

women in the workplace are menopausal – 10% of the working population


of women have left the workforce because of menopause

£1.88 bn GDP

the amount lost in productivity and hours due to the menopause every year

1 in 4

women are considering leaving the workforce because of menopause

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“Health & Her have been life changing for me. Total person-centered support and care. Highly recommend.”

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What sets us apart

At Health & Her, we speak with women struggling with life-impacting menopause symptoms every day and we are passionate about making this care accessible and affordable in the workplace.

Our team of specialist GPs

Our GPs are qualified British Menopause Society Members who are highly experienced in the management of Menopausal Health.

High standards of patient care

The Health & Her Clinic is registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, an independent regulator of healthcare to ensure high standards of clinical care.

Our trusted service

Hundreds of women across the country have trusted us to support them with their menopause care, resulting in a 4.8 star rating.