Menopause vaginal pain & painful sex what’s happening and how to feel more comfortable

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by Anne Henderson, ⊕ medically reviewed by Dr Rebecca Tomlinson on 5th September, 2022

Why do some women start to find sex painful around menopause? Vaginal and anatomical changes can lead to poor lubrication, as well as changes to the shape of your vagina – it can actually become shorter, less wider, and less stretchy.

This makes fun between the sheets decidedly less fun and can have an impact on your libido. Anne Henderson, our Consultant Gynaecologist, explains what’s happening and how you can get help both physically and psychologically. From the right lubrication to other treatments, with a little thought and help, sex absolutely can be a pleasure again!

Here is how to talk to your partner about painful sex in your relationship. and even more expert advice on painful sex during menopause.

About Anne Henderson

Our fantastic Consultant Gynaecologist Anne Henderson has worked within the NHS and private sectors for 15 years. From running large-scale menopause clinics where she helped hundreds of women access then-pioneering body identical hormones through to working with complementary practitioners to provide truly holistic care, Anne leads the way when it comes to caring, innovative, whole-woman focused practice.

Read Anne’s full biography here

Further information

Qualifications if you’re seeking a sex therapist: Member of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine – the IPM.

Follow this link to IPM to find a therapist.

Anne Henderson

Anne Henderson


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