Hot Flushes

Fan on a table

Dr Shilpa McQuillan


Physical Advice

Hot flushes – A GP’s overview

GP Dr Shilpa McQuillan discusses hot flushes – what are they, why do they happen, and how can you reduce the impact they’re having on your life. From lifestyle changes to Hormone Replacement...

Myra Hunter

CBT Expert

Psychological Advice

Cognitive behaviour therapy for hot flushes

Is it possible to manage hot flushes in a natural way? The science says yes! Many studies have proved that a technique called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can really help. So let’s take a closer...

Caroline Barnes

Make-up Artist

Lifestyle Advice

Makeup for hot flushes by Caroline Barnes

How do you mod your makeup bag for menopause? Hot flushes might well be your biggest worry. Celeb make up artist Caroline Barnes has created a Speed Beauty Menopause Makeup Tutorial that focuses...

Gilly Woo


Lifestyle Advice

How to dress for hot flushes.

Stylist’s secrets to manage your wardrobe even if your temperature’s out of control Stylist and dressmaker Gilly Woo has worked with hundreds of women to help them look and feel fantastic,...

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga Therapist

Physical Advice

Yoga for hot flushes

Can yoga help you take control of your hot flushes? Though you may not be able to stop that hot tide rising, Yoga Therapist Uma Dinsmore-Tuli has a very clever yoga move that you can master to...

Food and grains suitable for menopause

Anita Ralph

Medical Herbalist

Physical Advice

Hot flushes – a herbal perspective

Qualified Medical Herbalist Anita Ralph discusses natural ways to control hot flushes. Well-tolerated, safe and highly effective, can medicinal herbs and food plants provide natural relief for...