Low Mood

Deborah Lancastle


Psychological Advice

Coping with with your emotions during menopause

Many women experience low mood, anxiety and sudden flashes of irritability during menopause – but what can we do to cope when extremes of emotion hit? Health Psychologist Dr Deborah Lancastle...

Gilly Woo


Lifestyle Advice

Can a great outfit lift your low mood?

Everyone knows that lipstick sales always go up in recession – providing affordable cheer in troubled times – so by that logic, can a really great outfit (or outfits!) help with low mood? Stylist...

Rosie Letts

Nutritional Therapist

Physical Advice

Mood changes during menopause – does what you eat make a difference?

What causes menopause mood changes, and can the right nutrition help? Qualified nutritional therapist Rosie Letts explains what’s going on – and how it’s possible pack your plate with...