The Menopause Monologues – Signed By Harriet Powell

The Menopause Monologues – Signed By Harriet Powell

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£7.99 £3.99

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About the product:

  • Collection of real life stories
  • Curated by Harriet Powell
  • Signed copies available exclusively for Health and Her


A fascinating collection of real life stories from women and men on how menopause has impacted their lives. Cleverly curated this book is a series of stories which help to educate, increase awareness and above all have some empathy with women going through the menopause.

Harriet realised there was no one sharing the story of the woman stood next to her at the bus stop – The result is a collection of honest experiences from women – and some men – talking about what it’s really like to be menopausal. As well as hot flushes and sleepless nights, it delves into subjects such as your libido dying or the emotional overload. Subjects you talk about with your best friend over a bottle of wine and come away feeling all is well with the world.

Its a great coffee table book to spark a conversation or one to delve into whilst you have a moment to reflect.

All books are kindly signed by Harriet.

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