Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil 60 Capsules
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Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil 60 Capsules

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£21.49 or £19.34 / month

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Dry Eyes Vaginal Dryness

About the product:

• Intimate dryness during menopause
• Dry eyes and mouth
• Healthy skin
• Healthy immune system


Omega 7 is a nutritional supplement that is produced using the berry and seed of the sea buckthorn plant. This shrub, originating from the Himalayas, is rich in Omega 7 fatty acid, including palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid. The vitamin A that is found in Omega 7 contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision and mucous membranes.

Modern research has found that sea buckthorn oil is an important source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (particularly Omega 7). Polyunsaturated fatty acids are important structural components of mucous membranes, which form the protective lining of internal organs such as the vaginal and respiratory tracts, as well as the surface of the eyes and mouth.

Why do women take Omega 7?

Omega 7 offers nutritional support for:

• Intimate dryness during the menopause
• Dry eyes and mouth
• Healthy skin

How to Use:

We recommend this capsule is always taken with food.

First 2 weeks: 2 capsules twice a day (total of 4 capsules a day)

Thereafter: 1 capsule twice a day (total of 2 capsules a day)

Or as directed by a physician.

Omega 7 supplements are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Sea Buckthorn Oil (From Seeds and Soft Parts, Manufactured By Supercritical Co2 Extraction) 72%, Capsule Shell (Modified Maize Starch E1440, Glycerol E422, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan E407, Acidity Regulator: Disocium Phosphate E339, Colours: Iron Oxide E172, Titanium Dioxide E171)

Safety and warnings:

Keep away from children, Results may vary from person to person. In the event of an adverse reaction please contact a Health Professional.

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