Menopause – The One Stop Guide By Kathy Abernethy

Menopause – The One Stop Guide By Kathy Abernethy

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Night Sweats

About the product:

Written by Bristish Menopause Society chair Kathy Abernethy

One Stop Guide Book to going through the Menopause

Answers the question we are all asking ourselves ‘ Is this normal?’


Menopause: The One Stop guide is an extensive guide detailing the challenges associated with the menopause, and the remedies that can ease them. The book covers everything from explaining the difference between Peri Menopause and Menopause through to why we suffer from the symptoms we do.

Kathy explains each symptom in detail, providing the explanations behind why these symptoms occur through to practical advice like managing some positive changes in lifestyle to ease symptoms.

A key highlight is the positivity post menopause ‘ PMS is a thing of the past’ and lots of other great things to look forward to.

About the Author

Kathy Abernethy is a Specialist Nurse with a Masters in Reproductive Health. She is the chair of the British Menopause society and has worked in the field of menopause for many years. Working within an NHS menopause clinic, as well as running The Menopause Course, she aims to inform women about menopause and enable women to make confident therapy choices.


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