Bundles & Symptom Kits

Having trouble deciding on what to try for a particular symptom? Our expert buying team have carefully designed these product kits to help manage troublesome symptoms. Better still, you can save money when you buy as a bundle.

Save 12% joint aches bundle
  • Joint Aches
£42.96 £37.99
Out of stock
Save 11% Loss of Sex Drive Bundle
  • Loss of Sex Drive
£83.96 £74.99
Out of stock
Save 7% vaginal dryness bundle
  • Vaginal Dryness
£53.97 £49.99
Out of stock
Save 7%
  • Sleeping Problems
£48.47 £44.99
Out of stock
Save 10% Hot Flush & Night Sweats Bundle
  • Hot Flushes
£44.68 £39.99
Out of stock