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Niche Co Skin Tea- 15 Bags

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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms

Skin Changes

About the product

  • Voted by Evening Standard as one of the best herbal teas

"The burdock root is rich in iron, helping to combat paleness, whilst the anti-inflammatory properties of the red clover and rose petals will help to calm down breakouts. " Evening Standard 2018

  • Inside out skincare
  • Over 10 Active Ingredients
  • Helps skin to get its glow back


Product Description

Made from the very finest herbs and ingredients these are to be savoured and a great 'self treat' with lots of benefits. We believe this tea deserves its own attention and use the opportunity to enjoy ten minutes of peace and quiet to be restored.

A delicate white tea blend, designed using ingredients traditionally believed to promote beautiful skin. Helping to hydrate and boost the glow-factor of skin, this herbal tea is a blend of white tea, burdock root and rose petals, picked for their anti-oxidant, redness-reducing and skin-supporting qualities. A great kick-start to the day that will also help keep skin looking peachy. This tea may help with acne, breakouts and skin changes.

  • White Tea Extremely rich in beautifying anti-oxidants
  • Hibiscus Rich in Vitamin C
  • Dandelion leaves Rich in vitamins and minerals, a powerful detoxifying agent
  • Burdock Root Rich in Iron, Sulphur and B Vitamins, this is a powerful blood tonic used to treat skin conditions
  • Red Clover Rich in vitamins and minerals, this anti-inflammatory herb is used to treat skin conditions
  • Rosehip Rich in Vitamin C and Iron, this helps maintain healthy collagen
  • Apple Pieces Naturally sweet and fruity
  • Elderberries Elder is reputed to be one of the best herbs to take for antioxidant activity
  • Rose Petals Traditionally used by the Chinese to beautify the skin. Anti- inflammatory
  • Orange Peel Blue Cornflowers Contains antiseptic and healing properties
  • Natural Blueberry Flavour
  • Made in Britain and ethically sourced
  • Biodegradable tea bags


White Tea, Hibiscus, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Rosehip, Apple Pieces, Elderberries, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Blueberry

Safety Notes

Results can vary from person to person

Who are Niche Co.

The brand was founded by Amanda- here is her story

I’ve always been a tea drinker, in fact, I wanted to start a tea business about seven years ago, but life got in the way!

When I reached my 30’s, my skin took a turn for the worse, so I began to research the powers of herbs and began to look at my diet more closely. I read every book I could find on the subject and went to a master tea blender to help me make teas to help me with my skin issues. I soon realised that looking after yourself from the inside out was more important as you get older, and nothing you put on your skin will make a real difference unless you fix what is going on on the inside first.

Our Values are PURE-Transparency every step of the way, our products are ethically sourced and our production totally transparent, with no hidden ingredients in our tea and only 100% natural herbs. We believe beauty starts from within, and once within, it reflects on the outside. We put as much effort into the beauty of the inside of the product, as well as the outside, with the packaging.


I sometimes buy herbal teas and expect them to not have much taste or flavour but these are stunning. The rose petals and all the other wonderful ingredients. I originally bought them for the anti inflammatory properties and iron and I must say they have been helping a lot. Will definitely purchase again!
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