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It’s time to cut through the confusion when it comes to your female health. Here you’ll find trusted, qualified and expert information on the menopause – from the UK’s top experts – plus a carefully curated selection of products recommended by women who have been there. Learn more about us…

Health & Her is here to answer the questions you’d think about asking your GP, your best friend or the internet – all in one place. Our advice is accompanied by handpicked products that make life easier, whatever’s going on right now. Better still, every item is either recommended by experts, or trusted by women who’ve been there too.

So how can Health & Her help you?

Symptom Tracker 

Use our free Menopause Symptom Tool & Tracker to understand and improve your menopause experience. Medical professional recommend tracking symptoms and our secure, easy tool makes it effortless. In three simple steps you can log how you’re doing, get recommendations, and track against your last visit.

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The Big Questions

The UK’s top experts answer the questions women like you are asking, including what actually is menopause? How does menopause affect relationships? What is HRT and how does it work? Our panel are here to demystify menopause and perimenopause, providing the latest, most relevant advice.

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Handpicked products

Find the latest menopause products, and get recommendations tailored to your symptoms. Natural, effective, ethical, you’ll find top brands; exciting emerging ideas; menopause must-haves (yes, we have fans!); plus lovely little treats to help you smile, even on not-so-good days.

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Hot Topics

The place for news, views, articles and experiences. We round up all the latest menopause news; serve up bite-sized education features on the latest science; interview inspiring women who’ve been there and done amazing things; and, of course, provide plenty of giggles and thought-provoking perspectives from our columnists.

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That’s the top-line. Still reading? Well, here’s a bit more about us…

If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you’ve been researching menopause online. So you’ll know how hard it is to find really credible advice. Pretty tough, isn’t it?

It’s hard to know what you can trust, and harder still to piece together a big picture that reflects your experience and gives you the inspiration and ideas you really need to understand and manage what’s happening.

Tougher still to find practical ways to manage your symptoms that are actually worth trying.

Should you trust magnets? The expensive supplements? Go see your GP? Splash out on a menopause specialist through the private sector? Trust in alternative therapies? If you don’t have limitless budget and time to spare, it can feel like a real minefield…

You’re likely to be feeling less-than-brilliant, and you just want answers – and practical help – to feel better. And that’s where we come in.

We get the challenge. And – in a nutshell – we’re here to help. We’re your ‘one stop meno shop’ with really credible advice from qualified experts, plus quality products we know really make a difference.

What’s so different about Health & Her?

Help for body mind and lifestyle: the biopsychosocial model

The research we’ve done with women has helped us understand just how complex menopause experiences and symptoms can be. We think the biopsychosocial model approach – looking at the biological (body), psychological (mind) and social (lifestyle) – is a helpful way to discuss what’s changing, the help and expertise that’s available, and the products some women find useful.

Menopause can have an impact on so many levels. By empowering women to consider body, mind and lifestyle –and giving them the tools to improve their experience – we hope to really change lives for the better.

Did you know? The biopsychosocial approach is being extensively and successfully applied in fields including pain, adolescent health and diabetes.

Menopause Symptom Tool & Tracker

Every woman’s experience of the menopause is unique to them. So we have designed an easy-to-use symptom tool which allows women to generate tailored advice and products to suit their needs. It’s a really handy shortcut to a personalised shortlist of relevant expertise and practical products.

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Ethical purchasing that you’re part of

Here at Health & Her, our product mission is simple. We want to track down the very best menopause finds, and share brilliant ideas that change women’s lives for the better. It’s about helping you shop the latest, best and most effective menopause products, all in one place. There’s no magic pill that will disappear every woman’s symptoms, but by sorting the best from the rest, we hope to save you time and money finding things that could work for you.

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Women-first editorial philosophy 

We don’t write stuff to sell you stuff. With the help of top independent experts and women who’ve been there, we’ll help you find answers to all your menopause questions. As well as advice, you’ll find the latest news, inspiring stories and light hearted commentary from real women like you. Of course, we will recommend great products when it’s appropriate, but you can trust what you read to be independent, trustworthy and well-researched.

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Founded by women, for women

Health & Her was founded by a blue-chip FMCG marketer and entrepreneur, Kate Bache, and fellow entrepreneur and former Healthcare Nutricentre Head Buyer, Gervase Fay. Kate explains what inspired our mission:

“Over the years, we’ve seen friends, family and colleagues really struggle with menopausal symptoms. We were really shocked to discover how few resources are out there for women at this life stage, and it inspired us to see what we could do to make a difference. Given our backgrounds in buying and marketing, we spotted an opportunity to take our talents and put our money where our mouth is to help!”

They are supported by a wider team who are – at the time of publishing – 90% female. So you can be sure that we understand your body language!

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