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Gervase scours the globe to find the newest and best solutions for menopause symptoms – and works hard to find our customers the best deal on the most innovative, effective products. She’s also passionate about quality control, making sure every item meets our strict requirements and arrives on time, and perfectly packaged. So let’s see what Gervase has to say…

Tell a little more – how do you find and test products?

“When it comes to finding the right products for our customers, we look at the factors that really matter to women: recommendations, quality, price, usability and overall experience. We work to find the newest and most interesting products that are out in the market and bring them to the women who use our site. In practice, that means means wading through lots of different shows, meeting lots of suppliers and cutting through the product jargon! Luckily, as a buyer, I love finding new solutions, the most exciting brands and the ‘next’ best thing! When it comes to quality, we ask our consultant experts which products they recommend – what works best. And they’re the not the only experts we talk to! We also ask customers what works for them: what they’d like to see on the site; and we them to test them and tell us too sometimes. Of course, we always rigorously research the background and ingredients too, so we can be sure all our products are safe and free from nasties.”

What do you do for the women who’ll be visiting our site? What does your role mean to them?

“My role is all about bringing together a solution for you that you can’t find elsewhere – this doesn’t mean thousands of products, but creating a place where we combined practical products, holistic solutions and pharmaceutical options. It’s all about making life a bit easier. I love the thought that women who visit our site come away feeling a bit better about the day, either reading one of articles or finding a product that really works for them.”

Why do you think this project is so important?

“In the research phase, we talked to hundreds of women about their symptoms and how much these impacted on their daily life. Symptoms were causing them to question their relationships, their self-worth and their ability to do their job. It hit me hard. Feeling like this isn’t okay. We all go through these experiences in our lives, so why not try to help in some way? As far as I’m concerned, if we make just one woman’s experience better, then we’re doing a good job.”

Kate is the person who brings together all the great advice and products that Health & Her offers – and makes sure that we’re providing the best service possible, on the most appropriate platform. So let’s hear a little more…

Why do you think this project is so important?

“We have a fantastic opportunity to help women improve their quality of life, which may in turn have the potential to help improve their health, their relationships, and their work life. Listening to what women tell me they are going through has had a profound effect on me – we have the ideas, tools and impetus to change things, and it’s about time someone did! For me, solving problems is a passion. To know that we’re genuinely helping women improve their symptoms is a huge motivation to provide the best service and website.”

What do you do for the women who’ll be visiting our site – what does your role mean to them?

“I make it a personal mission to constantly talk to our customers to understand their needs and improving what we do to meet them. It’s also my job to spread the word and tell women that we are here to help. Having worked in women’s health for a number of years, I know how important it is to advise women about the choices available to them.”

Where do you see us in the future?

“Listening and adapting what we do. It is really important that we constantly change and improve Health & Her by listening to the women we serve. It’s about finding the best ways to reach all women. In a world of ever-changing communication methods and media trends, we need to make it really easy for women to find, use and feel supported by what we have to offer.”

What our friends say...

Bethan, Cardiff

"Health and Her gives you the information and support you need to be in control of your menopause and to feel as good as you always have"

Anne, London

"I find it really useful to know what other women are going through"

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