Kind Organic Ultra Thin Liners 26’S X 3 Value Pack

Kind Organic Ultra Thin Liners 26’S X 3 Value Pack


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Tried by women who have experienced these symptoms:

Period Changes

About the product:

  • Organic Non-irritating cotton that is suitable for sensitive skin
  • No artificial absorbents or perfumes 
  • Smart-Weave design for effective protection and
    long-lasting comfort


Extra Value Triple Pack

Clinically proven non irritating, organic cotton – soft and breathable against your skin, – ideal for irritated or dry skin. Made with a Smart-Weave design for effective protection and comfort and tested to be non irritating and hypoallergenic. These liners are ideal when your skin around your vagina feels irritated whilst you are on you period Ultra thin and ultra comforting. All of our products are clinically proven non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin and come with the promise of no artificial absorbents or harmful chemicals.

Product Information

Always change every 6-8 hours. Please do not flush this product

Who are Kind Organic?

Founded by one of our co-founders Kate. Kind Organic want to make it easier for women to put the needs of their bodies first by being informed and in control of the products they’re using. Unlike many of the organisations that produce and market intimate products for women, they believe it is important to have women at the very core of that process. Their brand focuses on skin sensitivity and with many mainstream sanitary products containing unnecessary perfumes, added artificial absorbents and plastics, KIND Organic is keen to raise awareness of the natural alternatives that have been developed to be kind to sensitive skin. After extensive research, we have developed Kind Organic – a range of natural sanitary products that are not only kind to skin but also kind to the environment and kind to farmers.

Kind Organic Ultra Thin Liners 26'S X 3 Value Pack Reviews

1 review for Kind Organic Ultra Thin Liners 26’S X 3 Value Pack

  1. Madeleine James (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the liners, they are comfortable and a bit longer than the usual liners, also great that they are organic especially if you have sensitive skin will buy again.

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