Menopause skincare tips by Caroline Barnes

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So you’ve finally got your skincare regime just perfect: you’ve found the products you love, and you’re feeling at home in your skin. Then menopause hits, and everything changes. So what’s going on? Why does skin change at menopause, and how should you be nourishing and caring for your skin? Top makeup artist Caroline Barnes has been investigating products that work beautifully for menopausal skin…

Products recommended by Caroline

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We’ve pulled out Caroline’s recommendations for menopause skincare.

Why does skin change?

Caroline explains that when oestrogen levels drop, collagen levels deplete, skin feels less bouncy, thinner and has more movement as it has less elasticity. However, not everyone’s skin is the same!

What should you do to update your regime?

If you would like something richer, look at Vichy – they have a new product that’s a lovely rich cream called ‘NEOVADIOL’.

However, not everyone needs lots of extra moisture and hydration. Caroline suggests that if your skin has started to get oiler, try salicylic acid – to remove oil from pores – with hyaluronic to hydrate, but not excessively.

The other company that Caroline suggests you look at is VENeffect. She says:

“VENeffect is run by two sisters – one who has been in the beauty industry for twenty years and one who’s a gynecologist. Their whole focus of their brand is what happens when the oestrogen levels drop in your skin and it becomes a little bit dull and lacklustre. This range contains phytoestrogens that make your skin look as lovely as it like it does on your best days.”

Add an AHA to your routine

Of course, everyone’s different – but one thing to be mindful of is that if you’re hydrating your skin – make sure you exfoliate.

This doesn’t have to be a scratchy physical exfoliant – you can use a simple, gentle AHA all over your face on a cotton pad to allow products to sit well on the skin.

Skincare 101: don’t forget the SPF

Before getting started with makeup, don’t forget to always use an SPF. Caroline recommends La Roche-Posay, but explains that there are hundreds of great options… just find one that’s good for you.

Don’t forget to cleanse well – especially if you are using waterproof products

Caroline says: “Start double cleansing if you don’t yet! The cleaner your skin, the better your products absorb and work. Use an oil to take off makeup, then use a cream.”

About Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes is one of the UK’s most established and celebrated make-up artists. Her reputation for approachable beauty has helped her establish an enviable roster of clients from Diane Kruger, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Watson and Olga Kurylenko to Kylie Minogue and Kelly Rowland. Caroline has a YouTube channel – Speed Beauty – where she offers expert beauty advice. Caroline knows exactly what women want and how to deliver it at speed. She also gives her time to the beauty industry charity, Look Good Feel Better, using her ‘midas touch’ to help restore confidence and wellbeing in women cancer sufferers.

Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes

Make-up Artist

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