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Highest rated menopause app certified by Orcha - the world's no.1 technology provider for delivering safe digital health.*

Small daily changes can lead to long-lasting results, which is why the Health & Her Menopause App has been designed to help you build positive lifestyle habits that put you back in control.

How the Health & Her Menopause App Works


Each day, add a log for your symptoms, triggers and period (if you’re still having them).


Use our symptom toolkit to access evidence-based exercises including pelvic floor training, meditation, interactive CBT, and more.


Create a schedule that works for you and set reminders to achieve your goals.


Access content and advice from the UK’s leading menopause experts, including Gynaecologists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Sleep Experts & more.


Discover which lifestyle factors are affecting your symptoms – the more you log over time, the more personalized your insights become.

Our Clinical Safety Officer and Menopause Specialist, Dr Rebeccah Tomlinson, continuously reviews the Health & Her Menopause App to ensure that it meets a high level of clinical standards.

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Available on iOS and Android

Health & Her Menopause App Reviews

I can honestly say that this app is helping me more than any GP ever has!...I love that I can set myself reminders and actually tick off goals as I go.


I have tried a couple of different menopause apps...but I find that this is everything under one roof. Love the reminders.


Really good app for helping you understand what is going on with your body during perimenopause/menopause.

Frith Baxter

Really easy to set up and use. I have been pleasantly surprised how informative this app is.

Melly Kennedy

Really reassuring, full of useful advice and the tracking and reminder functions make the messy unpredictability of menopause feel more in control.

Emma Torrance

Daily pelvic floor training is making me feel more confident. Ladies, you will not regret the support this application gives to you.


We are proud to say that the Health & Her Menopause app is certified by the leading digital health organisation, ORCHA, who review and approve health apps for the NHS and multiple national health bodies around the world.

*Highest rated menopause app by Orcha - independent health app reviewer, rated 86% April 2023, version 1.6